Can you effectively manage a hard-charging team of PR professionals, including senior, mid-level, and junior team members. How about tracking department Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and identifying potential client issues before they happen. Or training up team members on everything from pitch writing to the use of the latest technological tools. Are you also prolific at hiring, screening and onboarding of new PR employees and contractors.

And can you jump into problem clients and quickly gain top-tier media hits when it is absolutely necessary. Simply put, if you’re someone who has extensive senior-level PR management experience — and you’ve done this for an agency team rather than in-house — then we might have the perfect role for you. Some things to know about us:First, we’re not like every other PR agency.   We believe in the power of data.

  We embrace new tools and technology.   We swoon over an elegant process or system.   We love pitch blueprints.   If it ain’t broke, optimize it.

  As a result, we’re growing faster than pretty much any other PR agency around. Second, we work a little differently.   In 36 marketing disciplines across 6 functional groups, we’re redefining what a full-service PR and marketing agency can be. PR was our very first service discipline and what made us famous.

  Notably, our PR team takes a data-driven approach to creating news stories and thought leadership, leveraging our in-house market research capabilities and proprietary survey platform.   We’re growing quickly in the U. S. and UK but also building a global footprint in 20+ countries.

Third, we’re known for our flexible work environment.   Not only are we fully remote, but we actually coordinate remote culture and team-building activities on a global basis.   Need to work unusual hours or pick up your kids at a set time each day.   No problem, we’ve got your back.

Does any of this get you super excited.   Are you ready for potentially the best professional experience of your PR career. About TOP Worldwidehttps://topagency. com/TOP is a full-service global PR and marketing agency.

We spread ideas and help to grow brands. We’re composed of subject matter experts and award-winning thinkers, designers, content creators, media experts, digital storytellers and developers. We’ve become the world’s fastest-growing PR, influencer marketing, and digital agency because of our unique story-based and data-driven approach. If you want the feel of a fast-growing startup with the variety of work that comes from a top global agency, then you’ve come to the right place.