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Hi all,

we are a Data science company specializing in crypto trading with algos and semi-automated processes.

We are looking for developers for the position as CTO, Senior Software developers, and have some junior posiions as well for the strongest mindsets, most enthusiastic and coolest applicants with:

At least 10+Y experience as a Senior Software developer, CTO, or Head of development – Lead Data Science team to define the QA’s strategy, scope, goals, best methods & practices, automated monitoring and data processing.

At least 5-7Y experience as a Software developer, Head of development for applying as a Junior Partner – Experience in leading Data Science teams to define the QA’s strategy, scope, goals, best methods & practices, automated monitoring and data processing.

At least 3-4Y experience as a Software developer for the position as a Senior SW developer, University degree or relevant work experience for an internship – Become part of the Data Science team to define strategic analytics scope & goals, best methods & practices, automated monitoring and data processing.

Provide findings and input for trading teams, algorithm development and UI.

Timing is important, knowing when to act and communicate findings, prioritize tasks and challenge your team and bosses is well appreciated. Continuously learn and develop your own skills, expand your knowledge in multiple SDLC methodologies, and bring the best solution from any methodology along. Well written and spoken English is a must, no german required (it’s too hard, we admit) – we prefer agility and focus.

Currently we are looking for:

Python developer with Experience in Scraping, AI and or Full Stack development / Web browser automation (e.g. Selenium) and experience in AI and Full stack

Querying: Experience in GraphQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others

Scraping: Selenium / Scrapy / beautiful Soup / xpath and other

AI: Flask, Django, Numpy, Keras/Tensorflow

Languages: 1. Python PYTHON PYTHON required!!! maybe some 2. C/C+ 3. Java or JavaScript

Full-Stack: Angular, React, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetis, Visualization libraries

We get things done quickly by cultivating an open-minded culture with creative, collaborative, autonomous teams in which the best ideas win. As part of Product & Engineering you will have the opportunity to grow with a steep learning curve, being equipped with responsibility from day 1.

Be aware that we are demanding, and are offering a short probatial time before a decision for a partnership can be made.

What we offer:

see people as the fundamental pillar of our success. Therefore, we invest into the personal growth and skill development of each individual alongside, Home-office from all over the world, flexible working hours,

We celebrate diversity, are demanding but generous, challenging but with the best intentions and encourage to define your own goals within the company.

β€’ 100% Home Office possible

β€’ Flexible work hours – preferrably some availability in the evening CET

β€’ High personal and salary development opportunities – grow with the team

We can also pay in crypto

Apply here πŸ‘‰ Solidity, machine learning and / or python enthusiasts wanted job