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  • Research and development of the underlying protocol, consensus algorithm, virtual machine, and smart contract compiler of the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Follow cutting-edge technologies in the blockchain space and provide solid insight into the trend of blockchain development.


  • Working knowledge of at least two modern programming languages, such as Java/Python/C++/Rust/Golang, etc. High-concurrency system design and development experience is a plus.

  • Working knowledge of commonly used data structures and algorithms.

  • Knowledge of modern open-source blockchain projects, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos and Polkadot.

Nice to have’s:

  • A good understanding of compilation principles, and solid knowledge of cryptography and security protocols.

  • Knowledge of cross-chain and bridge technology, such as Tendermint, Substrate.

  • Experience with LevelDB, Memcache, MongoDB, or other NoSQL databases.Experience in blockchain development, compiler development, or smart contract development.

  • Experience in open-source projects.

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