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About the Job:

Wevr, creator of TheBlu (Sundance), Gnomes & Goblins (Jon Favreau) and the recently released Harry Potter VR experiences, is searching for a Game Economy & Tokenomics Designer to play a pivotal role in designing and owning the in-game economy for our new play-to-earn game. In this role, you will collaborate closely with the Executive Producers, product managers, as well as the rest of the team, providing valuable feedback that will heavily influence feature design and overall gameplay. 


  • Help architect the tokenomics system of the overall game, including monetary policy, treasury allocation, NFT drops, new tokens, in-game currency and other on-chain items, always in consideration of how to maximize usability and fun for players, while ensuring the long-term sustainability and profitability of the in-game economy and p2p marketplaces
  • Create a tokenomics model for the overall game 
  • Perform analyses, forecasts and simulations (eg, Excel, R, etc.) illustrating how changes to the policies, incentives, pricing and other key drivers of the economy might influence player behavior and therefore the overall profitability and monetizability of the game economy for developers, investors and players  
  • Establish appropriate fees, costs and pricing policies for p2p marketplaces within the game
  • Apply in-depth knowledge of macro and micro economics to the design and analyses of the game economy, player engagement and monetization data
  • Create in-depth reports and analyses on the key drivers and variables of the game economy, the various user personas of the game, the motivations of those personas, and how the game should be designed and optimized to serve the competing incentivizes of these personas
  • Recommend how the game can leverage recent developments in the DeFi sector (eg, staking, lending, liquidity providing, etc.) to expand the ways in which developers, investors and players can maximize their earnings in the game
  • Identify risks and opportunities and suggest ways to optimize the game
  • Always have a detailed understanding of recent developments across the Web 3 / blockchain / play-to-earn, DeFi industries, including what other competing games are doing, and what emerging player behavior and trends are most relevant to follow
  • Provide feedback on the mythology and creative elements of the game so that they are in line with the latest thinking and philosophy of the game economy mechanics
  • Help design a virtual land policy for the game, including the optimal supply, pricing, distribution and taxes on virtual land plots
  • Develop a plan for collecting and evaluating player feedback, post launch
  • Live, eat and breath the game economy and share the team’s desire to create a game economy that can serve as a model for the real world

Skills & Qualifications

  • 3+ years designing economic models and simulations for game economies
  • A strong believer in the potential of the blockchain, NFTs and Web 3 more broadly
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in economics, mathematics, econometrics, statistics, finance, computer science, engineering, or another quantitative field
  • Familiarity with play-to-earn and free-to-play economies and system design
  • Knowledge of macroeconomics, microeconomics, pricing theory and statistics, especially in the play-to-earn or free-to-play gaming industry
  • An avid gamer with a detailed understanding of what has made other games successful (or unsuccessful) 
  • Ability to model and simulate planned changes using quantitative analyses for sinks and sources, while anticipating downstream effects with post-launch analyses to ensure expected outcomes are reached
  • Extremely robust and creative logical and analytical thinking with the ability to abstract and synthesize complex systems, identify key relationships and levers that influence the outputs, and articulate those systems to other members of the team
  • Experience with high-volume secondary marketplaces
  • Expert communicator, both verbally and written, and highly collaborative 
  • Advanced understanding of Excel, SQL, and/or Python + R, SPSS, SAS or other statistical analysis software
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-growth rapidly changing startup environment

Our Studio

  • Loves working with a diverse range of people
  • Loves to develop its employees personally and professionally and promote from within
  • Welcomes remote workers
  • Has an open vacation policy
  • Offers competitive compensation
  • Provides benefits for medical, dental, vision (W2 employees)
  • Offers life/AD&D coverage and long-term disability (W2 employees)
  • Offers the chance to work alongside Academy Award winning creatives and game industry veterans who have shipped some of the industry’s best selling games

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