About Rehive

Rehive is a no-code fintech app builder. Rehive is the easiest way for new fintechs to launch their own branded neobanking app or for non-fintechs to add financial services to their marketplace, platform, or ecosystem. Rehive is breaking down the barrier to entry for starting a fintech business.

About the role

We’re looking for a senior frontend engineer to work on Rehive’s web and mobile applications (React and React Native). 

You will focus on creating highly configurable fintech applications on the Rehive Platform and Extension APIs. The biggest challenge is creating modular software that is configurable to support various user flows. You can think of Rehive’s frontend apps as a no-code app builder tool.


  • Experience in React and React Native or similar frameworks. Strong architectural thinker.

  • Intuitive eye for UI/UX.

  • Passion for fintech and crypto.

  • Comfortable with text-based communications, without the need to rely on in-person contact to stay motivated and focused.

  • Keen eye for building quality products and compelled to deliver the best user experience possible.


  • 5+ years of experience in software engineering.

  • 3+ years of experience in developing web apps with JavaScript and modern, component-based JS frameworks like React.

  • Familiar with product and design life cycles, and collaborating closely with designers, quality assurance, and product managers.

  • You have successfully launched a production scale product that got user traction.

  • You have experience with measurement based software development methodologies.

  • Preferably you have experience working on finance or crypto related projects.

Why work for us
If you like playing with lego, you’ll definitely enjoy working at Rehive. We go out of our way to create a modular and super flexible framework for building any fintech application, both on the backend platform and frontend applications.

We’ve been building fintech apps since 2014 and are backed by leading Silicon Valley investors, including Tim Draper (investor in Tesla, Skype, Twitch), Jed McCaleb (co- founder of Ripple and Stellar), Jesse Powell (CEO of Kraken) and more.

We want to build a high growth business that can put us in a position to keep innovating in finance and make a difference on scale. We’re early movers and have made a big bet on the future of blockchain and all things crypto. We believe in the future all financial businesses will need systems like Rehive to build products on top of cryptocurrencies and blockchains as a store of value. Our goal is to catch this wave once the world starts to rapidly adopt these new technologies.

Our culture
We’ve created a culture where we keep pushing ourselves to grow and take on new challenges. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it is a perfect fit for someone that is interested to join a team that believes we can make a difference by building better financial technology tools. We sometimes push a bit hard, but always take a moment to look back and evaluate if we’re still on the right track.

We are a fully remote team and primarily communicate via text. We encourage our team to create their ideal lifestyles by giving a lot of freedom. This also comes with a lot of responsibility to communicate with intention, manage team expectations, make sure you take breaks and time off and look after your health.