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You will

      • Design, architect & implement solutions within the celo blockchain (layer 1 & 2). Topic will vary, some examples are network protocols, decentralised protocols, systems throughput optimisations, scalability.
      • Work within a Teal Organization, with involves working among peers, with a high degree of autonomy and opportunity to contribute to the company at any level
      • Coach & Mentor other engineers in a constant learning culture.

You have

      • 4+ years of experience working on distributed systems, preferable within the blockchain space
      • Autonomy & ability to design complex systems
      • Passion for growing others
      • BONUS: Good understanding of blockchain related cryptography (public key, BLS signatures, MACs, etc)
      • BONUS: Experience with low level database programming
      • BONUS: Experience working on systems optimisation
      • BONUS: 2+ years of experience working with Go

Apply here πŸ‘‰ Senior Distributed Systems Engineer job