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Uniswap Labs is hiring a Research Lead who will work in a highly collaborative and cross-functional team setting to further our understanding of the protocol and product usage, and to contribute toward future product innovations through research. Active areas of study include deepening understanding of liquidity demand and provision in decentralized exchanges, quantifying and predicting behaviors of different market participant, design mechanisms to prevent and deter market manipulation and reduce systemic risk. Candidates must have strong curiosity to drive understanding in DeFi, interest in applying research to application, and desire to share knowledge broadly.


  • Lead and build a data science team that drives analyses to inform overall business strategy, product features, and future protocol developments.
  • Lead the effort of applying quantitative methodologies and data science to better analyze user behaviors and on-chain data to drive user growth and improve product features.
  • Work as an integral part of the business strategy, product, engineering and policy team and as a key cross-functional leader engaged with relevant stakeholders on Uniswap’s protocol, applications, and value proposition.
  • As a trained and practicing economist, the individual will also be responsible for framing Uniswap’s economic value and risk model vis-a-vis a dynamic competitive environment and an evolving global regulatory landscape. The role will involve developing sound messaging and policies to position for internal and external discussions ensuring Uniswap’s long-term economic competitiveness.
  • As a recognizable leader in the domain, this individual will also contribute to industry-wide discussions on decentralized finance, crypto-economics, digital currencies, blockchain and emerging technologies. This will include written contributions, including research papers, articles, speaking engagements, representation in global fora and in bilateral meetings with the aim of contributing to institutional partnership and regulatory policies conducive to the Uniswap’s business model. This individual will also lead collaboration with academic institutions on relevant research areas.


  • Strong research skillset including ability to identify priority areas, formulate tangible and applied research question, and utilize quantitative methodology and tools to solve challenges
  • Ability to manage a team of researchers and data analysts/scientists in delivering on multiple projects on different timelines.
  • Strong cross-functional leadership experience across strategy, data science, and product functions.
  • A PhD or advanced degree in a quantitative field, e.g. finance/economics along with 5+ years of experience in data science and research. Proficient in data science programming tools, e.g. Python, R, and ideally also possess basic understandings of solidity, blockchain data.
  • A proven track record of thought leadership, research, and analysis in field of expertise, as well as a track record in shaping policy among global stakeholders.
  • In depth experience working in a multi-stakholder, diverse and deeply collaborative environment.
  • Highly effective communications skills, including the ability to explain advanced technical concepts in an adaptive and relatable manner to different audiences.
  • A track record in building data science processes, shaping business strategy, product roadmap, as well as external policy engagements among global stakeholders.
  • Strong understanding of crypto market, defi, automated market making, decentralized exchanges. Knowledge of crypto and defi ecosystem; Ability to learn quickly in unstructured environment.
  • Relevant experience in crypto and TradFi, with keen ability to distill unique features and challenges from each field and cross-pollinate ideas between the two.

Nice to Haves:

  • Love for the unicorns 🦄

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