amie.so is the joyful productivity app. people use Amie for two reasons: 

  • UI/UX, generally design
  • combining multiple tools: todo, calendar, calendly (+ more later) 

some of our challenges: 

  • 100ms, everything needs to be very performant even with lots of data 
  • design and simplifying, we iterate a lot to make sure there are no better ways to solve something
  • highly interactive, we’re not a dashboard, Amie has lots of drag+drop, everything is possible via UI, ⌘K and shortcuts
  • Amie will be used by millions of people so we need to have 10x users in mind when building anything

this role is fun because of the challenges. it’s especially fun for people that care loads for design. and ultimately because of the team. we all have different backgrounds.

we’re spread across many countries in europe and americas. we’re pretty async, though not fully, have <3h meetings per week. 

we’re also very well financed and have runway for 5y right now. 

happy to answer any of your questions via email when you reach out. we’re being pretty transparent.