Hi there, this is a short term engagement as we prepare a working prototype of a web application for COP27 as a proof of concept. We refer to this as “the tool”, “prototype”, “rough”, “mock up” web user interface.

The tool you make will be some sort of graphic, graph or moving image mocked up with our data and content. We are getting user stories for this currently. We have a xed budget of USD8K to get this done. Probably this is two person weeks at most in time. THIS IS NOT A PERMANENT OR ANNUAL POSITION. We may not use this time contiguously but we need the prototype by mid October (2022) and it needs to be able to be served from our WordPress site gbpn.org. In fact, this should be a pretty fun innovative little project.

Here is an example of a fully edged production system we made another time, but we are wanting something different and very simple for this project. See old project here:

https: //library.gbpn.org/library/purpose-policy-tool-new-buildings

The prototype will be a map or a graph or a diagram with moving parts. The data are non- state actor commitments or goals for decarbonisation of the built environment. They will be static in this prototype. This means any graphs can be hard coded. The graphic will link to a few pages of static information about a selected country. Or this may be a popup with the static information in it.

The prototype needs to be able to serve French, English and Arabic. Again, this content will be static. Needs to mount on our wordpress site gbpn.org off an orphan URL.

You will interact with us on rening our user stories to something that can be roughed out. This will mean:

  1. Hear and discuss our user needs, which are being rened as we write this

  2. Propose technologies which might be appropriate, for example Figma or whatever

  3. Make roughs, sketches or rapid prototypes we can see

  4. Get feedback on the roughs

  5. Make a stable prototype we can serve at the event that people can play with

  6. Get feedback on the prototype

  7. Feel great getting carbon dioxide out of the built environment!

Here is an agency TOR written for this work for interest.  It has expired.