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Role Overview 

Generally we are looking for candidates who are interested in the crypto space. Expect a highly dynamic environment aiming to outperform our fierce competition

You’ll be working on our WingRiders project. WingRiders is a top contender to be the best DEX on Cardano. We recently released a live testnet version. As a battle seasoned team, with years of experience powered by Vacuumlabs, we are always looking for top tier developers.

Join our team and work on the core and the underlying architecture of the DEX and you will be onboarded on the Plutus framework and the eUTxO model. The challenges include proposing solutions that fit the unique smart-contract model and implement features within the constraints set by the Cardano framework. There will also be challenges around optimizing the contracts for minimum resource usage, which requires critical thinking and strong analytical skills.

We expect you to own

  • Strong algorithmic skills.
  • Leadership experience.
  • Good knowledge of functional programming languages such as Haskell or Clojure or Scala
  • A crypto enthusiast first, though direct experience with crypto smart contracts (preferably on Cardano) or with fintech security is a big plus 

Your responsibilities

  • Build up the core and architecture of our DEX. 
  • Work with the Plutus and the eUTxO model. 
  • Implement features based around smart contract technology and the Cardano ecosystem. 
  • Optimize contracts for minimum resource usage. 
  • Leading an international team

Please enclose your CV in English.

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