We’re looking for a passionate Web3 fullstack developer to help us build products in the crypto space.


  • Experience in Node.js, React.js, TypeScript, and other modern web development technologies – ability to build modern, event-driven React applications
  • Experience with APIs and Web3 Frameworks for current and historical data fetching and on-chain state synchronization (Moralis, TheGraph, DuneAnalytics, etc)
  • Working with Web3 contract interactions (integrating MetaMask with Ethers.js / UseDapp, etc)
  • Knowledge of Ethereum and blockchain concepts in general (Reorgs, Transactions, Multicalls, Atomicity, SHA3)
  • Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures
  • Databases (Firebase Realtime database, Firestore)
  • Cloud-functions concepts, architecture and development
  • Software development background (3+ years of experience or know your stuff – we will check)
  • Experience with Git version control and working in a team
  • Familiarity with modern software architecture techniques for building modular and testable applications
  • Basic understanding of Decentralized Finance and popular products (yield farming, Staking, options, forwards and other derivatives)


  • Build responsive applications, linking frontend with back-end and smart contracts
  • Solid understanding and hands-on experience creating a clean and scaleable architecture
  • Design and estimate complex applications at the feature level
  • Envision and develop features to help expand the product
  • Collaborate with the team on all aspects of product development
  • Identify and advocate for improvements and best practices
  • Review front-end code implemented by other members of the technical team
  • Mentor team members to refine their technical skills
  • Be involved in the global blockchain community

Perks and benefits:
  • Fully remote
  • Flexible working hours
  • Plus equity