β€’ Be responsible for assessing blockchain security vulnerabilities and new blockchain security events.
β€’ Conduct security research and vulnerability mining on blockchain public chain and application layer.
β€’ Take a supporting and collaborative role in driving internal blockchain security and privacy initiatives.
β€’ Validate state-of-the-art algorithms and protocols across a broad range of architectures, including considerations to side-channel attacks, performance, and memory/code size constraints.
β€’ Engineer, implement, and maintain information system security controls and countermeasures;
β€’ Incorporate industry security standards into practical security operations, network operations, and application development practices;
β€’ Proactively monitor, respond to, and document security events or incidents;
β€’ Enhance response procedures for system security incidents and vulnerabilities;
β€’ Oversee and utilize vulnerability management processes and solutions;
β€’ Review software security architecture for internally-developed and third-party products to ensure compliance with security policies and procedures;

β€’ Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Network Security Engineering, or a related field, or equivalent experience;
β€’ 5+ years of professional information security experience;
β€’ Experience implementing and monitoring security information systems;
β€’ Experience with Linux platforms;
β€’ Strong communication skills and a collaborative approach;
β€’ Knowledge of crypto currency, FX or capital markets;
β€’ Experience with vulnerability research and penetration testing;
β€’ Proficiency with scripting languages such as Python, Bash, etc.;
β€’ Educated and versed in the latest threat actors, techniques, and incident lifecycle.