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Job responsibilities:

  • Technology selection and architecture design of blockchain products and solutions.

  • Full-stack product development.

  • Follow cutting-edge technologies and products. Optimize platform design and performance. Drive product development upgrades.


  • Solid programming skills, proficient in data structure and algorithms.

  • Hands-on full-stack development experience, able to use various front-end and back-end programming languages and development tools to complete the job.

  • Proficient in Javascript, ES6, HTML5, CSS3, and Vue or React

  • Working knowledge of Java technology stack, multi-thread programming, caching, message queue, and other common technologies.

Nice to have:

  • Working knowledge with programming languages ​​such as Go/Python/C++.

  • Working knowledge with LevelDB, Memcache, MongoDB, or other NoSQL databases.

  • Mobile development experience.

  • Past open-source project experience.

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